Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)
Developer Tooling

Episode 74: Dev-First Testing with AtomicJar & Testcontainers

AUTHOR: Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

Sergei Egorov is Co-Founder & CEO of AtomicJar, the developer-first testing platform built on top of open source testing framework Testcontainers. AtomicJar provides Testcontainers Cloud which allows users to run tests in the cloud with anything that can be containerized.

AtomicJar has raised almost $30M from investors including Insight Partners and Boldstart.

In this episode, we discuss user demand driving the creation of a company alongside an open source project, using a different name for the company to have the ability to work with other projects, learnings from early scaling & more!

Full episode here

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