Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)
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Episode 42: Earthly, a CI/CD Framework that Can Run Anywhere

AUTHOR: Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

Vlad Ionescu is Founder & CEO of Earthly, the CI/CD framework that can run anywhere. Earthly's open source project, also called earthly, has over 7K GitHub stars and a slack channel with over 500 community members. Earthly has raised $3M from investors including 468 Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, Hack VC, and Bessemer.

In this episode, we discuss the distinction between source available and open source (and why source available works better for databases), company inspiration from the build process at Google, scoring an open source launch, positioning and messaging in a new category, and much more!

Full episode here

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