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Episode 117: Taking on Datadog with Open Source Observability

AUTHOR: Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

Pranay Prateek is Co-Founder of Signoz, the open source observability platform with OpenTelemetry-native traces, metrics, and logs. Their open source project, also called Signoz, has over 15K GitHub Stars and helps developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot problems.

Signoz has raised $7M from investors including SignalFire and Uncorrelated Ventures.

In this episode, we discuss why observability is a good category to use open source, why Signoz started with tracing and then added on other types of observability, the growth of OpenTelemetry and why Signoz decided to build with it, how the release of logs unlocked growth, the importance of simple pricing in this category & more!

Full episode here

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