Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)
AI & ML Tooling

Episode 114: How OctoML Helps Developers Build with Llama 2 & Stable Diffusion

AUTHOR: Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

Tianqi Chen is Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of OctoML, the compute infrastructure platform for tuning and running generative models in the cloud. OctoML was founded by the creators of Apache TVM, the machine learning compiler framework for CPUs, GPUs, and accelerators.

OctoML has raised $132M from investors including Amplify, Addition, Madrona, and Tiger.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of supporting multiple models, the advancements from LLaMA and Stable Diffusion this year, building the TVM and OctoML communities, predictions on GenAI in the enterprise (hybrid ML, for example), whether GenAI is over-invested in & more!

Full episode here

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