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Episode 11: From Open-Source Project at Uber to

AUTHOR: Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

Leland is Co-founder & CEO of, the first "shift left" mobile development platform for high-quality mobile experiences. Their software finds bugs and performance issues before a new mobile release goes out.

The origins of are in the project nanoscope, which Leland open-sourced while at Uber. The number and quality of companies using nanoscope signaled the need for better mobile development tooling.

Since launching, has signed enterprise customers such as Reddit and raised funding from Cowboy Ventures along with strategic funds and angels such as Essence VC, President of Coinbase Emilie Choi, VP Engineering from Robinhood Surabhi Gupta, "Building Mobile Apps at Scale" author Gergely Orosz, Founder of Kong Marco Palladino, and mobile influencer PY Ricau among others.

In this episode, we discuss the decision to create and open-source nanoscope, how nanoscope led to, the "Shift Left Mobile" movement, and Leland's journey as a leader - particularly on going from technologist to CEO. is also hiring. Check out open reqs for Android Lead, Frontend Lead, and Device Cloud Engineering Lead (all remote)!

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